Tips For Hiring Residential Home Painters

16.8.2020 | 02:14

There are many residential home painters out there, but you don’t want to hire the first ones you come across. You’ll want to compare at least 3-4 painting companies. Once you find a few painters, you’ll want to consider the following:

Services Offered
What services do the home painters offer? Ideally you want to choose residential home painters that offer an array of painting services, including interior. They should be able to paint any interior of your home, as well as rooms of all sizes.

Exterior painting is another service the best painters will offer. Whether it’s a repaint job you need done or you have just built a home and now you want the painting done, they should be able to do it. Some residential painters can paint roofs too.

Cabinet painting is often offered as a service. This includes bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets and pantries to name a few. A fresh coat of paint over your cabinets can make them look brand new again.

Past Work
One of the most important things to consider before hiring a residential home painter is their past work. You can tell a lot about a company by looking at their past work. If their past work looks good, then the chances are the painters will do a good job on your property. If a painter’s website doesn’t have examples of the work they’ve done, then ask them if they can show you what kind of work they’ve done in the past.

How Much Do They Charge
The best residential home painters charge a fair price. If their prices seem high, but their work looks like it’s of high quality, then the chances are they are charging a fair price. Make sure you find out exactly what’s included in the price, such as a warranty, paint supplies and things of that nature.

Read Reviews
Finally, you’ll want to check out reviews and testimonials on the painters’ websites. The chances are the majority of them will be positive. This is why you’ll want to read reviews on other sites too. Just make sure the review sites you use verify the authenticity of their reviews.

With that said, most of the reviews about the residential home painters should be good. If most of the reviews are showcasing the painters in a bad light, then think twice about hiring them. The more good reviews home painters have, the better.

Keep an eye out for recurring themes in reviews. Are a lot of past customers talking about the painters going above and beyond? Are others saying that they didn’t do a good job? If there’s a recurring theme in the majority of reviews, then there might be some truth to it.

Take your time when it comes to choosing a residential home painter. You want to choose the painter that offers the services you need, as well as charges a fair price. Don’t forget to read reviews and to check out their past work. After you do these things, you can decide which residential home painter to hire.

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